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ADF Systems of Humboldt Iowa. Manufacturers of highest quality, efficient and powerful parts washers and pressure washers.
ADF Systems, Ltd. is a manufacturer of highest quality, efficient,
and powerful parts washers and pressure washers.

With over 25 years of experience in manufacturing aqueous cleaning equipment, we have developed one of the largest families of parts washing equipment in the industry. If a catalog washer will not fit your application, ADF will modify an existing model or design and build a dedicated washer for you.

We have promoted both high and low pressure systems based on the application and the customer needs. Everyone else will try to sell systems in the 30 to 100 PSI range, with high volumes of water in the 40 to 250 gallon range. They advertise them as high-pressure systems. At ADF we also manufacture washers with such performance, but high pressure to us is 500 to 1000 PSI with low volumes in the 7.5 to 40 GPM range. With the high-pressure impingement, we can achieve shorter cleaning cycles, and with the lower volumes we have smaller tanks to heat, meaning lower operating costs.

If not the first, we were certainly one of the first to promote stainless steel construction in our standard product line. We offer carbon steel as standard construction in some models to provide lower cost options for customers who need that option. Many competitors show stainless steel models in trade shows and they try to sell carbon steel to gain price advantages and because they prefer not to have to work with stainless steel.

This website contains photos of our standard products as well as some special or dedicated systems, which we have constructed over the years. We hope this will help you determine that ADF is a major player in the industry.

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