ADF Systems of Humboldt Iowa. Manufacturers of highest quality, efficient and powerful parts washers and pressure washers.
ADF Systems, Ltd. is a manufacturer of highest quality, efficient,
and powerful parts washers and pressure washers.

ADF Auger Washers

ADF Auger Washers are ideal for high volume operations for parts with blind holes or those that require turning, tumbling, or movement for proper cleaning of all surfaces. Auger washers are manufactured to order because part volume, size, and cycle time dictate the proper size of this equipment.

They feature large open hoppers for easy feeding of the parts from pans, conveyors, or chutes and a chip drawer with the mesh screen to collect chips and dirt.

Auger Washers are built with any combination of wash, rinse, and blow-off cycles with other accessories and options available to provide operator and maintenance convenience.

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