ADF Systems of Humboldt Iowa. Manufacturers of highest quality, efficient and powerful parts washers and pressure washers.
ADF Systems, Ltd. is a manufacturer of highest quality, efficient,
and powerful parts washers and pressure washers.
The Model 800 Top Load style washer, remains one of the more popular models in the ADF Line.ADF Robot Washer

The next generation of parts washers is the integration of robots into cleaning operations. This may include a pick and place robot placing parts on a conveyor, a robot-operated spray nozzle cleaning a fixed part, or a robot manipulating a part over a fixed nozzle. Any combination of washing, rinsing, and drying can be combined into a cleaning cycle. Opening a door to place a part inside a cabinet is one example.
Because of the flexibility of today's robots, there is no single ADF model to feature. A robot can be integrated into many models of the ADF product line or a dedicated custom built machine.
The photo is a custom built washer featuring the Model 550 operating system of 3 GPM, 550 PSI, and using a robot to manipulate a part over a fixed nozzle.
Call ADF to discuss your application and to get a start on your cleaning project.

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